Fun with Analogue Cameras

The Digital Holga Lens Kit


Looking for a new form of creativity for your Digital Photography? Look no further!

The Holga Digital Kit packs an impressive 9 Lenses into this awesome package. Now you can shoot Lomo and Lo-Fi style Holga images straight from your DSLR. No software required!

This kit includes everything you need to get started including a Wide Angle, Telephoto, Close up and Macro lenses as well as the fabulously fun Fisheye Lens!

Grab yours today and never take a dull image again! 

Digital Holga SLR Lens (HL-x) Specifications

  • Effective Focal Length:  60mm (120 Medium Format - apply crop ratio as per your SLR)
  • Aperture:  Fixed f/8
  • Focus:  Manual Zone Focus
  • Lens Type:  Plastic
  • Dimensions:  38x57mm
  • Weight:  38g
Fisheye Lens for Digital Holga SLR Lens (FEL-HL) Specifications
  • Brand new redesign of the classic Holga Fisheye lens for Digital SLR cameras
Telephoto Lens (HT-25) Specifications
  • Resulting Lens Angle  46 degrees (120 Medium Format) OR 34 degrees (135 Regular Format)
  • Magnification:  2.5x
  • Dimensions:  39x57mm
  • Weight:  36g
Wide Angle Lens (HW-05) Specifications
  • Resulting Lens Angle  93 degrees (120 Medium Format) OR 70 degrees (135 Regular Format)
  • Magnification:  0.5x
  • Dimensions:  38x57mm
  • Weight:  38g
Close-Up Lens Set (CLS-1) Specifications
  • Set Contains  CL-120 (120mm focal length), CL-250 (250mm focal length) and CL-500 (500mm focal length)
  • Accessories:  1 protective bag

Macro Lens Set (MLS-1) Specifications
  • Set Contains  ML-30 (30mm focal length) and ML-60 (60mm focal length)
  • Accessories:  1 protective bag

Package includes 9 lenses with protective bags