Fun with Analogue Cameras

M42 on M43

Added on by Jennifer Castillo.

So I've been having loads of fun with a little accessory for my digital camera. I've had more fun with the new lens compared to its pancake and kit lens. I would normally use lenses designed for the digital camera that I am using. But this lens really changed my perspective. It's lo-fi build, combined with a beautiful micro four thirds camera has yielded photos that I've always enjoyed from shooting film. So after shooting for a few days, I've suddenly thought of thinking more "analog" things I could do with my digital camera. So I started rummaging the old lenses I own. The guilt has been strong as I was unboxing some of my film cameras. I hope this new project would get me back to shooting more and more film.

So after reading up on lenses and their proper mounts, I got to purchasing one. A brilliant M42 mount to connect my old Pentacon 50mm 1.8 lens for my Panasonic Lumix GF3. I have been very giddy about it all day because I realized I've several more M42 lenses to use with the digital camera. This is an exciting addition to my digital/analog project. I will be posting photos soon!