Fun with Analogue Cameras

The New Formula

Added on by Jennifer Castillo.

So I finally got to try the new PX 680 Color Protection film from a recent trip to Macau... I made sure to put my film pack on my hand carry luggage because you never know how much the big xray scanners will affect the film.

I am really digging the colors! Just simply the right saturation I had been craving for. The frames are clean, no blotches on the photos too. It took about 10 to 15 minutes for the image to fully come out, and colors became even better after that. Image begins as a washed bright blue. Initially, I thought the photos do not require shielding away from light, but the manual states that it is still best to cover it from light. My guess is that it is not as sensitive as the earlier kinds of Impossible Project film. Anyway, I just followed the stuff that's on the manual and surely it came out great!

I'm just really happy with the advancement in Polaroid film! It's here to stay. :)