Fun with Analogue Cameras


Added on by Jennifer Castillo.

It has been quite an exciting November for the store with its launch and the new arrival of film packs from The Impossible Project. I have yet to test the new formula for their Color Protection series, but I will post as soon as I get to finish my first pack.

We've also restocked on cameras like Instax Mini Panda 7s and Polaroid cameras like Spectra and OneStep CloseUp. You can browse the collection here: INSTANT CAMERAS

I've also encountered some FP100C films and I'm planning on trying out a very old Polaroid Model with it. It's going to be my first attempt on a bellows. We'll see how that turns out.

Great month for Polaroid addiction. :)

Oh and the Multiply site is still up and running. Orders and inquiries can be made through the Multiply page or through our form here: ORDER AND INQUIRIES FORM