Fun with Analogue Cameras

Holga 35mm Adapter


This 35mm Adaptor Kit allows you to use regular 35mm film in a Holga 120 Camera (all 120 Cameras except the 120-3D body). The kit installs in minutes and allows you to switch between using regular 35mm film and 120 Medium Format film in the same Holga 120 Body. Included in the kit is a new internal mask for help with guiding the 35mm film, a replacement camera back that blocks out all light leaks (no frame counter window) and a set of two stickers used for the film winding wheel to help you wind on after each shot.

Note: Once a 35mm film roll has been completely shot it must be removed and wound completely back in a light sealed darkroom or film changing bag. In order to avoid losing images please do not attempt to do this in a normally lit environment.