Fun with Analogue Cameras

Holga 120N


Product Description

Holga 120N 144-120 with Built-in Plastic Lens retaining all of those fabulous and unique features that made the Holga 120S world famous, this updated model, the Holga 120N, takes Holga photography to the next level. The Holga 120N camera is provided with two different film size masks, so that it can take both traditional and square format pictures. Although the Holga 120N is basically a fixed focus camera, it still offers four choices of object distances. Two choice of aperture are available: f/11 & f/8. The multiple exposure can be achieve by not advancing the film after a frame has been exposed. Have fun with your Holga Camera!

- Bulb exposure selector for extra long exposures
- Standard tripod mount
- Revised format arrow
- Includes now two frames for the 6x6 and 6x4.5 cm format!
- Multiple exposures
- Vignetting
- Soft focus
- Plastic lens
- Leaf shutter


- Model: Holga 120N
- Type: 120 Medium Format
- Lens: Plastic Lens, Optical Lens, 60 mm
- Shutter: Leaf shutter, speed 1/100 s
- Aperture: f/8, f11
- Focus range: Adjustable, 0.9 m to infinity
- Dimensions: 140x102x76 mm
- Film to be used: 120 mm color or black/white film of ASA 100 /ISO 21 or ASA 400/ISO 27 speed, instant film (only with Holgaroid), 35 mm film (Only with the FA135PL-120 or FA135-120 Film Adapter)
- Weight: 200g without batteries


- Holga 120N Camera
- Shoulder Strap
- Frame Mask: 6x4.5 & 6x6
- Lens Cap
- English Instruction Manual