Fun with Analogue Cameras

The Digital Harinezumi Guru


The Harinezumi has been celebrated as one of the most romantic image recorders out there by artists worldwide. Why? Well... Everyday life through this camera is simply fun. But remember, it's not these cameras that change your daily life. It's really your playful mind that affects the photos and the movies. What is so amazing about the Digital Harinezumi is that it flirts with and delights your mind. Meeting a cat during your morning walk, finding a girl reading a book of glowing light... you can take a photo as if you are quickly catching a butterfly. Why? Because you were in the mood to take photos and film since this morning. Digital Harinezumi does not do anything special. It just makes you feel like taking photos. Have you met such a camera recently?

This latest incarnation of the Digital Harinezumi is the Guru which is being produced as a very special Limited Edition camera. Available in Black and White.


Resolution: 3 MegaPixel 
Recording resolution: still picture: 1600×1200 or 320×240, video: 640 × 480 
Film sensitivity: 100/800 
Lens: Normal : about 1m to infinity Macro: about 10cm 
File Format: Still Picture: JPEG Video: AVI (25fps) 
Memory: Micro SD Card (Up to 2GB; Sold Separately) 
Display: (Width) 3.3cm (Height) 2.5cm 
Body: (Length) about 9cm (Height) about 3cm (Width) about 3.5cm