Fun with Analogue Cameras

Golden Half Camera



the Golden Half the smallest 35mm camera in the world, it also takes half-frame pictures. By "half-frame" I mean that one standard picture frame is divided into two, therefore you get two separate shots per exposure. Not only does that mean you get double the number of exposures (especially great when considering developing costs), you also get to play with diptychs: finding connections between the pictures, planned or unplanned. In addition, the image quality is just right, a sober tone with slight out of focus on the edges (a very elegant shot). Recommended.

- Smallest 35mm camera in the world
- Takes half-frame pictures, diptychs
- Hotshoe input allows you to attach any flash
- Rubber grip


Type: 35mm plastic half-frame toy camera
Lens Specifications: Fixed focus 22mm plastic lens with apertures f/8.5 and f/11


Golden Half Camera, external flash, roll of film, Camera Strap, lens Cap and instruction Manual

PRICE: 3,200PHP (Camera package) and 3,800PHP (Camera with flash)