Fun with Analogue Cameras

Color Lens and Flash Filters


The Color Lens and Flash Filters! Eight vibrant, pocket-sized color filters on a handy ring, ready to use over your lens or flash.

Sunlight - white, tungsten - yellow, fluorescent - green. Snoozefest 2010. Imagine what wonders a little color filter pick-me-up could do!

Get color-creative in two ways: shoot with the filter over your lens or shoot with the filter over your flash. The first adds color to the whole scene you're shooting (ex: the whole ocean turns red!), while the second adds color to only the parts that your flash hits (ex: only the guy standing in front of the ocean turns red, and the ocean stays blue!).

Create new colors by combining filters, shoot double-exposures for surreal and abstract images, create gradients across your photos for dreamy color-scapes, or splash blues, greens, and reds for outer-worldly scenes. There are so many cool ways to experiment with them!

Color filters are our fav, but our color gels always end up crinkled at the bottom of our camera-bag. NTM, the awkward struggle just to attach the flimsy thing to our flash! Not only are these new filters über-portable, but their rounded edges and flat acrylic design make them super-stylish and so simple to use.

It's a ROYGBIV in your pocket, 1000000000x better than any double-rainbow.

* Portable! Attach to your keyring, camera bag, strap; slip in your pocket or wallet
* Flat acrylic with rounded edges
* Create incredible color FX
* More whoa-inducing than a double-rainbow
* 2.5" x 1.5", 1/8" thick

8 colors : Red, Blue, Lt. Blue, Green, Violet, Lt. Green, Yellow, Orange
Size : 4 cm x 6 cmx 0.3 cm
Material : High Quality Plastic